Monday, May 20, 2013


This has been a crazy last 4 years. Dental school was such a whirled wind, and I can't believe it's over! I wanted to take time to thank my husband for arranging his life around dental school, my parents for being an active part in helping me graduate/pass licensure exams, and the friends I made along the way that made dental school an amazing experience. Now here I come, Dr. Melissa Johnson.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hey it's almost July, I must get these out before I have to take them again.
Our attempts at Christmas Cheer. 

Gracie was very very excited to be sharing in Christmas picture traditions. Can't you tell?

Love Songs

My sweet husband is a lover of music. I think I doubled the amount of band concerts I went to while dating him. He made me several mixes through out our dating carrier that always had a theme of the situation we were in.

I think one of the distinct moments I recall I wanted to keep him was when he played this song for me and asked if I remembered it.

Admittedly it sounded familiar but I couldn't peg it. He smiled at me and told me the first time we hung out listening to one of his buddies play the guitar he played this song. Recalling later, he played it a lot! Michael said, "It's out song." This is the point where my heart melted. We danced first dance as husband and wife to this song.

Now almost two years later he still surprises me with his unique adorable ways of telling me he loves me. A few months ago I got an e-mail with this song attached to it.

                                             "and show me just how good this life could be...
lay in my arms, I'll hold  you tight just like you like continually."

Love my Husband. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary.

After 2 years I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see him.


Some memorable moments from year 2....
1. Getting Gracie through puppy training classes....2x. After she escaped her collar and ran through Petsmart it became a 2 person effort.

2. Melissa becoming a "real dentist" and seeing her own patients. Michael helping Melissa stay calm before every appointment. 

3. Italian Food on our mini vaca to San Fransisco....we still talk about it.

4.  Feeling crazy and re-creating the "bedroom" scene in "Easy A" minus me punching my husband in the groin, and then falling over laughing until we cried. Seriously when was the last time you jumped on a bed.

5. Melissa became a guest fashion blogger and Michael became her sometimes photographer. 

6. Michael starting a Masters in Public Health AND Medical School. Seriously my husband is amazing. 

7. Movies at LA Live and midnight walks home through the city. We are so urban hikers. 

8. Discovering "Smart Taste" pasta. 5-7grams of fiber people! 

9. Michael teaching Melissa to "like" tomatoes on her sandwich. She still pulls them off when Michael isn't looking.

  10. Saving money for a car and then deciding we wanted a house and then realizing a house is way more expensive than a car + the housing market is CRAZY! That memorable moment is so continuing into year 3....


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Michael

Nothing says Happy Birthday life a boat full of sushi shared with med school inmates...I mean fellow classmates! 

Happy 27th my Love!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Long Distance Marriage.

When you are married 

but you live in two different places..... 
(note this is a pic of San Francisco)


You come to treasure every moment you get to spend together. 

I got to go visit Michael over the 4th of July for 3 whole days. We didn't let a moment pass that we weren't doing something together. I even went to class with him and learned all about the enviroment (scary). We got to spend a day in San Fransisco and visit the Golden Gate Bridge (Michael had never been, trust me he was more excited that he looks) and enjoy some yummy sea food at fisherman's wharf. 

Michael also wanted to visit some of the funs things around Vallejo while I was up. Since neither of us are roller coaster people we traded in the near by Six Flags for the Jelly Belly Factory!

They have mosaics all over the factory made of jelly bellies! This was Michael's fav.

Love me some HP. 

 You can't leave the factory without trying one of their weird products. This = Michael's favorite jelly belly flavor in a soda. Pear. Me = gross. Michael = loved it. 

We spent my last day tracking down a restaurant we saw on "Restaurant Impossible." It's literally the town over from where Michael is living. We were so excited for greek food! Gyros here we come! Lunch menu : totally american food.....I had a french dip sandwich. I think Michael got the only gyro on the menu. So disappointed. But it was fun to see the restaurant so not a total bust. Can't wait till I get to see him again!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hobby Part 2

After my success with the little koala bear hat I decided to go for another crochet project-amigurumi. I bought a pattern off etsy of the cutest giraffe. I then spent about 5 hours reading, youtubing, blogging, and e-mailing the sender to figure out how to read the pattern, understand how to make a "magic loop," how to work in rounds, and that the stitches here are ever so slightly different that what I was taught....but I had success and made the giraffe. Then-I modified the pattern and made a unicorn for a close friend's baby shower! 
These take SO long to make. The giraffe with all the youtubing, re-doing, and re-reading of the pattern took probably a total of 20 hours to make. The unicorn was a little faster. Now I want to make these! I love baby shoes. I just need to use all the yarn I already have...